February 2003

Amos Yaskil, Represnted by Michael Lord Gallery.  

Press Release,


  Michael H. Lord Gallery proudly presents paintings by Amos Yaskil. Amos Yaskil was born in Haifa, Israel in 1935 to European immigrant parents. At the age of ten, Yaskil had developed a wholly adult style, recognized by the established art world as sensational.

  Yaskil includes elements hinting at his nostalgia for things that are no more. His Galilee landscapes draw the viewer away from the present hi-tech atmosphere. His landscapes are Mediterranean, almost entirely oblivious to the present-day hectic urbanization. The deliberate disregard of the danger of ecological and environmental destruction which threatens us all as well as the Galilee landscapes places us in a sort of bubble that Yaskil constructs for us-- holding within it enchanted colorful worlds. Nature perfectly harmonizes red roofs, the green fields, the cacti, the cypress trees, the mountains and blue waters of the Sea of Galilee and of the sky.

  The formal elements of his paintings create screens and structures which ultimately fit a formula of beauty and design that immediately captivates the viewer. Influence of the French Impressionists and the German artists of the "Brucke"-circle is clear. His wild use of unadulterated greens and reds could suggest an allegiance to the Fauvist School, and are irresistibly reminiscent of Matisse and Gauguin's revolutionary palette… But the analogy stops here. The powerful stroke of the brush emphasizes the energetic expression of the paintings and conveys to the beholder a feeling of strength and spontaneity. Yaskil's, uninhibited manor, minimalist iconography, and succinct purity and integrity of color converge to form dynamic, pictorial symphonies that hold the poetical charms of na?ve painting.

  Yaskil has held over 100 one-man shows to date, and holds regular exhibitions in Europe, South America, the Far East, the U.S. and his home country of Israel.

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